5S hair factory: Always provide reputable Vietnamese hair extensions

The Vietnamese hair extensions market is emerging as a phenomenon in recent years and 5S hair factory gradually develops into a prestigious market in Vietnam.


5S hair factory

5S hair factory: The goal is to honor the beauty of Vietnamese hair

Vietnam has its own unique beauty or long-standing traditional beauty and hair is definitely a symbol of beauty in Vietnam. Taking advantage of that natural beauty, 5S hair factory has researched, researched and developed high quality hair extension products from Vietnamese hair.
From this precious raw material, there have been many hair extension products created by 5S hair factory that still retain the traditional beauty and original quality of the hair. That’s why many hair dealers from international markets come to Vietnam and choose 5S hair factory as a place to provide high quality hair extensions and bring that beauty to the international market. Since then, the value of hair extension products in Vietnam is highly appreciated in the world market today.

5S hair factory: A brand that offers high quality hair extensions

In order to gain the trust of customers, it is the products that do it, so 5S hair factory always pays attention to every detail of the products sold.


high quality hair extension

The origin of 5S hair factory’s hair extension products

Let’s find out why 5S hair factory’s products are so hot in the hair extension market

  • The origin of 5s hair extension products is from Vietnamese hair without any other blends on the hair extension market. Known for its natural beauty, Vietnamese people’s hair has always been beautiful in its own way with strong, shiny black hair and extremely smooth.
  • 5S hair factory understands the problem that if not introducing and promoting Vietnamese hair to the world, it is a shortcoming. Therefore, as one of the first hair extensions markets in Vietnam, 5S hair factory has always strived to bring that beauty to the world.
  • A few years ago when there were still many women growing long hair and the demand was still high, the supply of the 5S hair factory was extremely diverse. But now that number has decreased a lot, so 5S hair factory focuses on looking for supplies for hair extensions in suburban areas or locations in the northern mountains. It is also one of the potential areas for the current supply of hair extensions

The quality of 5S hair factory’s hair extension products

With such a good source, how will the quality of the hair extension products be? Let’s find out below together


The hair extension products of 5S hair factory

  • The products are made with high technology and the raw materials are famous Vietnamese hair for a long time, they are one of the most famous wholesale hair vendors in Los Angeles. Their hair extensions products have received positive feedback. Each product is guaranteed to be smooth and strong with textures made with precision. Products are available in a variety of styles and colors are always adjusted to achieve the most accurate color and are sure to keep for a long time. All Vietnamese hair extensions are almost without any chemicals or too much impact, just need to be combed and connected to create a finished product.
  • With the products that 5S hair factory produces, they all show the beauty of Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hairs with strong structure even after being collected at the factory, still remain original. thereby making products that can be kept in stock for up to 4 to 5 years and kept in hair for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Hair extensions products are kept the same to ensure the beauty of Vietnamese people, but besides that, there are also many products that have been modified to suit the current market such as curly hair products, or bleached hair extensions. The eraser connection is extremely popular with markets such as Europe, Africa and many parts of the world. Thus, it can be seen that the quality of the product that 5S hair factory brings is always guaranteed from production to shipping no matter how far away the location is.

Long accumulated experience of 5S hair factory

From its establishment as a wholesale hair distributor to the present time, it has been more than 30 years since the 5S hair factory worked and cooperated with countries around the world. This is not a small number with the current hair extension market in Vietnam, it is a process where the 5S hair factory went up from zero, from understanding the hair extension markets in the world to establishing and creating the success it is today. And with that experience, in the future, 5S hair factory will surely bring customers more products so that the Vietnamese hair extension market will be more and more developed.

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