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In recent years, Arabica Honey Coffee has gained popularity among specialty coffee roasters and consumers, who appreciate its unique flavor profile and the skill required to produce it. Learn more about this type of coffee in this article.

General information about Arabica Honey Coffee


Arabica beans did not originate in Vietnam. The French brought them to Vietnam a decade ago. Only Cau Dat – Lam Dong, a province noted for its exceptional agricultural qualities and also the origin of our Arabica coffee beans, produces the best Arabica coffee beans in Vietnam.


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Product details of Arabica Honey Coffee

Product name Arabica Honey Cau Dat
Place of origin Cau Dat – Da Lat – Viet Nam
Grade G1, S16-18
Elevation 1550 – 1700m
Moisture  11,5% – 12,5%
Ripe Harvest 100%
Method Honey Pulp
Impurities 0,1%

Special characteristics and competitive advantages of Arabica Honey Coffee

Special characteristics

The particular honey processing procedure, or more precisely, the retention of viscosity (carrying 8-12 percent sugar) to soak into the Arabica beans, is what gives this strain of Arabica beans its distinct flavor.

This gives Arabica Honey a distinct flavor that distinguishes it from other honey.


Special characteristics of Arabica Honey Coffee

Competitive advantages of Arabica Honey Coffee

  • Trustworthiness

Our organization has been operating as an agricultural unit for over 20 years. In addition, we are now collaborating with the Vietnam Trade Promotion Department on behalf of the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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  • The price that is reasonable

Through our agricultural and industrial chains, the prices of our products may remain competitive when compared to others of similar quality.

  • Economic environment

Economic climate Vietnam’s economy is currently extremely open to attracting investments from many enterprises and nations. And, with the assistance of VIETRADE, on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, our shipment, payment, and other processes are made as simple as possible to assist you, our clients, in approving their applications.

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