Arture Home 3D interior rendering project by K-Render Studio

Each project has its own unique features that bring many emotions to the artist. The rendering artists seem to see a whole story through the design and turn them into unique rendering products. Arture Home 3D rendering project has made K-Render feel excited and work hard to get customer satisfaction.

The design of Arture Home made a challenge for K-Render Studio

After receiving the request for the Arture Home rendering project as well as related documents, K-Render felt very excited about this project. This project was a challenge for our team of artists.
Arture Home is a showroom built to display high-end furniture products imported directly from abroad. Therefore, the rendered image needs to show the elegance of the space but still bring a sense of closeness to the viewer.


A rendering image of Arture Home showroom

The design company wants the rendering product to show the intelligence and creativity of the design and enhance the perfect beauty of the product inside.

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K-Render Studio completed successfully the Arture Home project

In order to complete the Arture Home project in the most artistic way, the team of artists have carefully researched the design and applied their experience and expertise to the 3D rendering work.

Modeling the high-end furniture

Modeling can be the most challenging part of this rendering project. Every high-end furniture product has expertly researched proportions. These ratios reach perfection and form the core value of the product.


Modeling is a important step to complete the rendering products

The artist’s job is to model based on realistic scale and try to be as close to reality as possible. K-Render‘s rendering artists carefully studied the proportions and properties of the furniture to accurately render.


Lighting has the ability to enhance the elegance and perfection of high-end interiors, but it can also make them less beautiful. Understanding this, the artist carefully used light in this project.
The beauty of the material and the proportion of the product has been elevated by the light. The lights are rendered by the artist to focus on the interior products, making them stand out in the middle of the space and attract the viewer’s eyes.


In order to complete the rendering job well, the material is a factor that needs to be paid a lot of attention. The material of each type of furniture product is different and has its own beauty. The rendering artists need to show the unique characteristics and beauty of these materials.


Working space in Arture Home showroom

To do this, the artist spent time researching high-end furniture products and their materials. Product knowledge plays an important role in creating authentic products. As a result, the material of the furniture products appeared in realistic and wonderful renderings. You can visit K-Render website to refer to 3d renderings for architects.

Feedback about Arture Home project

Arture Home project is the pride of K-Render Studio for bringing value to customers. Customers have conveyed the meaning and suitability of the design with the needs of the showroom owner. The reputation of customers is also enhanced by K-Render Studio’s 3D rendering.


The rendering products are highly appreciated

K-Render Studio always wants to bring practical value to customers through high quality rendering products. We hope to develop a cooperative relationship with more partners in the future.

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