DreamVille House- a paradise for occupants by K-Render 

Ville is a high-end apartment. Designed specifically for a family of four. This project is now complete, and our firm K-Render has received a lot of great feedback on the house and its renderings. Let’s find out what makes a good visualization product in the article below!

The ordinary ideas of our clients. 

After receiving the clients’ requirements, K-Render tries to collect all of the customer’s ideas about 3 aspects: Lighting, furniture ( types, size and positions of furniture) and the layout.

Lighting of Dreams Ville house 

They want the light of the house to be filled with natural light, which is in keeping with the original idea and aesthetic.

  • The primary areas of the house, such as the living room and bedroom, will receive the most light.
  • The house will be brighter and more spacious as a result of this.

Furniture of Dreams Ville house

The majority of the furniture that clients desire to utilize is made of stone or synthetic wood. Furthermore, the house’s major colors are gray and black, depending on the preferences of the buyer.


The furniture of Dreams Ville project

  • This will give the room a more opulent and refined appearance.
  • Because artificial wood is a material that is easy to acquire and design, living in the family will be more convenient and complete.

The layout of Dreams  Ville house

The following is the layout for the Dream Ville project:

  • A huge living area with all the comforts of home and relaxation equipment, as well as plenty of open space.
  • Two huge bedrooms, each with a comfortable bed and plenty of storage.
  • A dressing room is a private space created just for the homeowner.

K-Render Studio’s Dreams Ville project’s rendering process

The process of rendering K-Dreams Render’s Ville project will be discussed in the next part.

Modeling for Dreams Ville

K-Render has made it much easier to render apartments like this. Because the majority of our studio’s clients are individuals who want to picture their own home.


Modeling for Dreams Ville

  • K-team Render’s of architects generated a design for the Dreams Ville apartment based on the rendering software and the specifications provided at the start.
  • Following that, the representation of Dreams Ville house has the same qualities as the other apartment houses in the same building. This modeling can be seen in Arture Home‘s 3D rendering packages.

Materials and furniture in Dreams Ville. 

The source of materials and furniture is the second step in the rendering process for the Dreams ville project.

To begin, the house’s major materials are stone and artificial wood, with the main colors being gray, white, and black, as per the customer’s wishes. These three colors have combined to produce a color scheme that is both elegant and refined. The architects carefully selected and utilised elements in the visualization program to provide customers with the interior materials they desire, such as our Nolan Jolie villa. 

Second, there’s the question of how to arrange the furnishings in the room. The house is organized in a straightforward and logical order from the main room to the side room. The distinction

Lighting edition in Dreams Ville

Dreams Ville also emphasizes the importance of the room’s lighting. So the architects have to do that in order to get natural light in the photographs below?

To be able to generate such wonderful lighting, they must first grasp the skills in professional visualization software.


Editing the light for Dreams Ville project

The rendering artists also handle places that do not have natural light in an exceptionally sophisticated manner. The natural light in the Dreams Ville house illustration reveals not only the highlights, but also the hidden corners that viewers can still see and feel.

Camera angle in Dream Ville .

Finally, the photo angle is a feature of the Dreams Ville home.

To begin, the number of views and filming angles will be determined by the customer’s demands as well as the project’s scope. We advised the homeowner on the amount of views acceptable for the project and his visualization abilities for this Dreams Ville project or a Taiwanese style house like Piccola Casa.

Second, multiple shooting perspectives will give visitors a better sense of the house’s elegance.

Customer’s feedbacks about Dreams Ville

You can see how happy our clients are with the Dreams Ville house built by K-Render – top interior rendering company in this final visualization that we gave to them.


Find a photo angle of Dreams Ville project

We aim to be able to work with more clients thanks to our credo of always focusing on consumers and producing high-quality items.

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