Nolan Jolie Villa – A Project Of Our 3D Rendering Studio

Nolan Jolie villa Project is a successful 3D rendering project of K-Render Studio. With realistic images that accurately depict our client’s design ideas, the 3D rendering product has received compliment and satisfaction. In this paper, we will share with you how our team has made the most realistic 3D rendering products!

Our understanding of client’s design idea

Every detail of the customer’s design ideas is listened to and understood by K-Render Studio.

Layout of Nolan Jolie villa project

Nolan Jolie villa has a floor area of ​​450 sqm. The villa is divided into living room, kitchen and bedroom.


The Luxury Design in the villa

Each functional subdivision has a spacious area for family members to live comfortably.

Colors in Nolan Jolie villa project

The main color of Nolan Jolie villa is green. Green is present in sofas, kitchen cabinets, door frames and in plants inside and outside the house. This green color gives people a feeling of relaxation and closeness to nature.

Furniture that is used in Nolan Jolie villa project

The interior of the house is selected by the design company based on the criteria given by the house owner.


The layout of the project

The furniture is simple and the color is consistent with the main green tone.

Our 3D renderings meet all qualifications of customer

Thanks to the useful information provided by customers, K-Render Studio quickly began to create 3D renderings that best represented design ideas.

How did K-Render Studio create the 3D renderings? Let’s find out below!

The first step is to model

Modeling is the first step in the process of creating 3D renderings. This is the step that needs to be done properly so the following steps can be done quickly.
In this step, the artist of K-Render Studio did a great job in rendering the right proportions of the interior space as well as the furniture.

The way we render light in Nolan Jolie villa


Natural light is what makes Nolan Jolie villa’s 3D renderings perfect.

Natural light shines through the wide glass doors making the villa bright. The direction of light is skillfully shown by the artist. Natural light reflects on the furniture in the house, making the green tone more beautiful.

Viewers can also see the sun’s rays hitting the walls and reflecting the light onto the floor.

How are materials in our renderings?

The materials in the house all show up in a realistic way. To do this, the K-Render rendering artists have carefully studied each type of material in the house.


The furniture details used in the villa

The sofa, the types of wood used to make the cabinets and wall panels, and the stone used in the kitchen have all been carefully studied by the artist about the material.

K-Render Studio received positive feedback of Nolan Jolie villa Project from our client

Our client was very satisfied with the 3D rendering of Nolan Jolie villa project. The client which is a famous

Singapore architecture firms is satisfied with K-Render Studio’s working style: professional and thoughtful

Customers are also in love with 3D rendering products. These products have clearly expressed design ideas. In addition, they have helped homeowners enjoy the company’s design more.


The 3D renderings products have satisfied our client

K-Render Studio strives every day to create the best 3D rendering products. We always look forward to cooperating with more partners to create products that satisfy customers’ needs.

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