Remy hair extensions: Optimal choice for hair distributors in today’s time

Consumers of the global hair extension market are no longer surprised by Remy hair extensions products, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their high quality and low price, which are both very friendly to customers’ budgets.


Remy hair extensions

What are Remy hair extensions and how does it work?

Remy hair extensions is a popular hair type in the current hair extension market, which is certainly not surprising to those who use hair extensions. However, for those who are new to this industry, remy hair is a popular hair type in the current hair extension market. Remy hair extensions is 100 percent real hair acquired from a variety of sources, but the quality is essentially the same.

Remy hair isn’t significantly worse than virgin hair in terms of quality, but it’s far less expensive than virgin hair extensions. Because remy hair extension products are not only long-lasting but also have the same natural beauty as the user’s hair, the majority of clients who use them are extremely pleased, if not blown away.

What is it about Remy hair extensions that has made them so popular?

There are certainly a number of factors that contribute to remy hair extension products being one of the most popular hair extensions on the market today; here are a few of them:

Remy hair extensions are in short supply

Because remy hair extensions are becoming more popular in various regions of the world, the supply from wholesale hair distributors around the world is more varied than ever.


Remy hair extensions are in short supply

  • Currently, remy hair extensions is mostly used in the creation of hair extension goods like curly weft hair extension products, both in terms of quantity and quality, in the global hair extension market. Remy hair extension products are widely available nowadays, and they cater to a variety of markets, including the European and Asian markets.
  • Only a limited proportion of remy hair acquired in the original European market serves as a source of raw materials for the production of remy hair extension goods in the current European market. The majority of the raw materials come from various markets for hair extensions, such as India, China, and Vietnam.
  • There are several remy hair extensions on the market today for the Asian hair market. Because the bulk of remy hair extension suppliers are based in Asia, these products can be promptly supplied and distributed around the world. As a result, remy hair extension products are becoming increasingly popular in the hair industry, with quality comparable to virgin hair at a fraction of the cost, making them appropriate for all markets and clients.

Remy hair extensions’ quality

How will the quality of remy hair extension items improve as they become more popular?


Remy hair extensions’ quality

  • Remy hair extensions goods are created with remy hair collected from a variety of sources, but when the markets are all properly picked for quality, there isn’t much of a difference in the quality of the product. The quality of the hair, as well as its length and thickness, all match the requirements for remy hair extensions to be offered on the market today.
  • With regular length and thickness, remy hair extensions goods are particularly appealing to hair dealers since, when it comes to inexpensive costs and quality that is comparable to virgin hair extensions, remy hair extension is unquestionably the best option. Because remy raw hair is currently the most plentiful raw hair source, the hair extension markets are also promoting quality upgrades for remy hair extensions products.
  • Hair extensions, on average, last 3 to 5 years in stock and 6 to 8 weeks when put to hair. Because the quality of durability, softness, and strong structure of each hair is substantially increased not only at the source of the raw hair but also at the remy hair extension, it is possible to keep for a longer period with remy hair extensions goods.

Remy hair extensions goods from 5S Hair Factory

It is not difficult to locate remy hair extension items in the Vietnamese hair extension market today, but why 5S hair factory? With its long history of formation and development, 5S hair factory has established a strong presence in both the domestic and international markets. 5S hair factory’s raw hair supply is also rigorously inspected, and the company now produces top-quality remy hair extensions items thanks to contemporary technology and talented personnel. As a result, the new 5S hair factory’s remy hair extension goods are in more demand in Vietnam and Asia today than in other countries. Many globe hair extensions markets are currently covered by products from reputed Vietnamese businesses, with a big amount of 5S hair factory’s remy hair extensions products being exported every month.

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