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Wholesale coffee bean prices can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, including the type of coffee bean, the country of origin, the current supply and demand, and the quality of the coffee. Updated information about wholesale coffee bean prices will be mentioned below.

Update recent wholesale coffee bean prices

The world coffee price in the past 2 years has continuously increased rapidly and shows no sign of decreasing especially Arabica coffee. Meanwhile, Robusta coffee remained quite stable and only increased slightly.

According to the information obtained, the export price of coffee in the international market (according to ICO), the average price of Robusta coffee is 1783.2 USD/MT, the price of Brazilian Arabica, Colombian, and other Arabica coffees respectively. are 2982.9, 4226.5, and 3973.1 USD/MT.

The wholesale coffee bean prices of Colombian coffee is the highest because it is a high-quality product, and Colombian coffee is also considered a coffee with a rich and complex flavor. Meanwhile, the large output is the advantage of Brazilian coffee, so the price of Brazilian coffee is also quite reasonable.


wholesale coffee bean prices durign 2018-2021

Trend of wholesale coffee bean prices in top 3 coffee exporting countries

In general, world coffee prices in general and coffee export countries, in particular, tend to increase in recent times.

Brazil – 1st coffee exporting country

In MY 2018/19 and MY 2019/20, Brazilian coffee prices were fairly stable. However, in MY 2020/21, the price of Brazilian coffee skyrocketed due to the scarcity of goods. Strongly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, severe weather, and climate, Brazil’s coffee production this year dropped sharply, leading to a sudden increase in prices.

Vietnam – 2nd coffee exporting country

Vietnam is the second country in exporting coffee. Nearly 90% of Vietnam’s coffee exports are standard Vietnam Robusta green coffee beans, which account for 40% of world coffee production. Deeply affected by world coffee prices, Vietnamese coffee prices also tend to increase slightly.

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Colombia – 3rd coffee exporting country

Following the same trend as Brazil, Colombia was strongly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and international shipping congestion, the price of Colombian coffee, which was already high, has now increased as strongly as Brazil.

Top suppliers having reasonable wholesale coffee bean prices

If you want to buy coffee beans in bulk at a reasonable price, the most important thing is to find coffee factories instead of commercial enterprises. Because here, it doesn’t take costs like shipping, intermediary fees,.., so their price is the product price and is usually the lowest compared to other places of sale.


Kaldi is a world-renowned producer and supplier of roasted coffee and is one of Google’s No. 1 suppliers. They roast coffee to order and often supply coffee to wholesalers who supply their coffee products to the international retail market.


K-Agriculture – a leading Vietnam coffee supplier, unlike Kaldi, focuses on providing Vietnamese green coffee with a wide range of products from low-priced industrial products to premium products such as specialty coffees, all the way up to the end. 94-95 points according to SCA. Therefore, buyers can choose and request any coffee they need, and it is best to order in advance to avoid being out of stock.



WS cafe

WS is stand for wholesale. It is true for this name because they supply both green and roasted coffee in bulk to many countries in the world. Recently, they have spread to sell instant coffee, ground coffee.

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