Should I run my hair business by purchasing hair from Cambodian hair extensions vendors? Is there any hair that is better and more reasonably priced? How can I locate the top suppliers of Cambodian hair extensions? These are some queries that are frequently posed by clients. This post will give you additional information about the TOP 3 suppliers of Cambodian hair extensions, which will help you find the solution to that question.

Why should I choose merchants of Cambodian hair extensions?

The raw hair wholesale industry offers a variety of hair kinds, including Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian hair. For its thickness and single donor hair, wholesale Cambodian hair extensions is another one of the sought-after sources among them. Let’s begin our tour right away at the Cambodian hair extensions.

Where do vendors of Cambodian hair extensions acquire their hair from?

Firstly, we need to know where do vendors of Cambodian hair extensions acquire their hair from?

  • Wholesale Cambodian hair extensions comes from Cambodian, where is home to the Khmer ethnic group. There are about 80 low-income households in this town. To make a living, these individuals frequently sell raw Cambodian hair sellers their long, natural black hair.

Cambodian hair extensions

  • They frequently use cold water and natural herbs to wash their hair, resulting in raw Cambodian hair extensions that are entirely unprocessed, smooth, and radiant. Because of this, every vendor selling Cambodian hair extensions travels to the village to get hair from them.
  • Only a fewCambodian hair extensions vendors manufacture their own hair for sale because the technology platform in this Southeast Asian nation is still rather old. The majority of Cambodian hair extensions wholesale merchants buy their hair and then sell it back to Chinese factories.

The purest type of hair available from Cambodian hair extension companies is natural wavy hair. Vendors of wholesale hair extensions offer all three types, including straight, wavy, and curly. The natural, fresh aroma of wholesale Cambodia hair extensions makes it simpler to distinguish between virgin and synthetic hair.

How Cambodian hair manufacturers handle Cambodian hair extensions

Vendors of Cambodian hair extensions begin producing the hair textures of raw Cambodian hair wholesale after buying it in bulk from the small villages of Khmer people. 

  • The Cambodian hair extensions wholesale is initially straight before becoming curled, wavy, or styled in a yaki or pixie cut by Cambodian hair extensions dealers. The wholesalers of Cambodian hair extensions can tint the hair any color at the desire of the client.
  • The sophistication of the Cambodian hair extensions wholesale, however, is not great compared to rivals since the production skills of the Cambodian hair extensions vendors in Cambodia are not high due to their lack of experience and contemporary technology.
  • In actuality, wholesalers make up the majority of Cambodian hair extensions sellers in Cambodia. They will purchase wholesale quantities of Cambodian hair extensions and sell it to other hair companies, primarily Chinese factories. 

Consequently, there aren’t many wholesale factories or manufacturers of Cambodian hair extensions in the country. That is another reason it is so challenging to locate a factory producing raw Cambodian hair in Cambodia.

Who are reliable suppliers of Cambodian hair extensions?

On the Internet, there are a lot of vloggers or people who review wholesale Cambodian hair extensions. Because there is so little information available on the facilities producing Cambodian hair extensions in Cambodia, it is thought to be very difficult for you to locate reliable raw Cambodian hair suppliers. Some of the greatest Cambodian hair vendors listed below may be your best option if you’re looking for reliable Cambodian hair extensions suppliers. Here are the top 3 reliable suppliers of raw Cambodian hair.

The first and best Cambodian hair extensions vendor is APSARA.

Right in Cambodia, there is a merchant selling Cambodian hair extensions. One of the best sellers of Cambodian hair in the country, with a sizable clientele.

  • These raw hair vendors in Cambodia only sell hair from a single donor, according to their featured goods. According to research, these top suppliers of double-drawn Cambodian hair extensions only provide it in wholesale quantities starting at 10 inches. In addition to the 8 inches length, this Cambodian hair extensions merchant does not offer single or super double drawn Cambodian hair extensions wholesale. Customers find this to be inconvenient because everyone has a different budget.

Cambodian hair extensions vendor is APSARA

  • The quality of the Cambodian hair extensions sold by this merchant is quite nice, and he frequently receives positive feedback, however the volume of comments is not that large. You may not have to worry about poor quality if you get Cambodian hair extensions from this wholesaler. However, other people claimed that in order to draw in more clients, they needed to buy wholesale high-quality Cambodian hair.
  • Additionally, several customers who purchased hair from the vendor of Cambodian hair extensions expressed extreme dissatisfaction with theCambodian hair extensions  wholesale they received.

Customer service issues are mentioned in some reviews of Apsara Cambodian hair. Therefore, you may decide whether to buy wholesale Cambodian hair extensions  from this vendor.

The second-best supplier of Cambodian hair extensions is SAMBASODA.

Customers have given this provider of natural Cambodian hair some positive feedback. Their wholesale Cambodian hair extensions comes in a variety of natural straight, curly, or wavy textures. They are among the most well-known sellers of raw Cambodian hair in the country.

  • Sambasoda, despite having a small following, is nonetheless regarded as one of the top suppliers of Cambodian hair extensions. 

Cambodian hair extensions SAMBASODA

  • Despite receiving positive feedback from consumers, this wholesaler of Cambodian hair extensions lost its reputation since they provided customers with some subpar hair.
  • Customers who purchased this Cambodian hair extensions vendor’s products expressed disappointment that the raw hair they received was different from what they had seen in the videos. Additionally, the hair’s texture is inferior to that of Cambodian hair.

Here are two of the best wholesalers of Cambodian hair extensions, although they are not advised owing to their slow and unfriendly responses and the poor quality of the Cambodian hair extensions they provide to consumers.


5S Hair-Vietnamese Hair Factory will be a very reasonable option if you’re seeking a substitute provider for Cambodian hair extensions merchants.

  • In the hair industry, 5S Hair is the top raw Vietnamese hair vendors. In addition to retail Cambodian hair extensions, they sell a lot of hair to wholesale hair suppliers in the USA and Africa. Their hair is praised as having the best quality, excellent textures, and variety of hair.
  • This business has received a lot of positive consumer feedback, and they are active on numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Alibaba, etc. Their widespread presence also attests to their legitimate and reliable business.

Review of clients form 5S Hair


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