Top the most famous Singapore architecture firms

The architecture firms in Singapore have grown more and more, which makes this country well-known for its architectural development. Within the architecture industry, the knowledge about famous architectural firms is very useful. This blog will give you information about the top 10 Singapore architecture firms.

Why are Singapore architecture firms growing?

Singapore is a country that has developed impressively in architecture.

  • Singapore had great periods of building boom and urban renewal throughout its history, which led to the appearance of Singapore architecture firms.
  • Since the 1990s, as an aspiring global city, Singapore has consciously developed iconic landmarks to attract various sources such as skilled immigrants, foreign tourists, and investments. Many landmark projects and architectural design competitions that are participated by Singapore architecture firms are consequently launched. Recently Singapore architecture firms partnered with an architectural visualization company to visualize their architectural products. This has led to the architectural development of Singapore with many famous buildings we see today.

Singaporean architecture has grown with innovative firms

  • Singapore is a small country in terms of area but presents itself as a large country with high-end commercial and residential buildings. This proves that the architectural company in Singapore is extremely outstanding.
  • Moreover, the architecture of Singapore has a character that is only found there. The designs of the Singapore architecture firms always have bold touches with lots of trees and houses filled with light.

Criteria of the top Singapore architecture firms

There are various factors that make Singapore have top architecture firms. Here we come to several main factors.
Innovation: As a small country that lacks land space, Singapore has to be creative when designing infrastructures and buildings. This situation makes the architects in Singapore have to be more and more innovative.


These firms are responsible for innovative and impressive projects

  • Approach: The top Singapore architecture firms shape their local architectural landscape by the thoughtful original approaches. Besides thoughtful calculation, the original ideas of each project are approached by these firms to process and come to the ideal final design. Singapore architecture firms use Photorealistic architectural renderings to reach customers more clearly. A photorealistic architectural rendering is a realistic image or video of that architectural work, allowing customers to best understand the design of Singapore architecture firms.
  • Experience and prominence: Most of the top Singapore architecture firms have a long term of establishment and development. Moreover, they all impress the clients with excellent architectural designs that are well-known nationally and internationally.

Top famous Singapore architecture firms in 2021

Among many famous firms in Singapore, here we explore the top 10 famous Singapore architecture firms in 2021.

Hyla Architects – one of the best Singapore architecture firms

Hyla Architects was founded by architect Han Loke Kwang, with the vision “Good ideas bring great design”.

  • Main styles: As one of the top Singapore architecture firms, Hyla often designs with a minimalist style but has a high urbanization nature. Hyla’s design always focuses on natural materials to create spaces open to nature.

Microsoft’s office by Hyla Architects

  • The famous architectural project: Microsoft’s office in Singapore is a project of Hyla. The company used hardwood floors, wooden blinds, and overhead pergolas to provide light and diffuse them to the open-plan offices inside.

Aamer Architects – top 2 Singapore architecture firms

Aamer Taher founded his studio two years after returning from London in 1994 and took the name Aamer Architects.

  • Main styles: Aamer Architects’ designs are known for being fun and different by subtly using curves. In addition, as one of the top Singapore architecture firms, Aamer has designed many different projects with the criterion of no angles and straightness.

Founders’ Memorial by Aamer Architects – top 2 Singapore architecture firms

  • The famous architectural project: Founders’ Memorial is a project belonging to the top Singapore architecture firms – Aamer Architects, which used the right criteria of no angles and straightness.

DCA Architects – top 3 Singapore architecture firms

DCA Architects was founded in 1996. Within the top Singapore architecture firms, DCA’s main expertise is in master planning, commercial, mixed-use and industrial, and residential projects.

  • Mains projects and awards: Since its inception, DCA has won several awards for its architectural projects such as Marina Bay Residences, the Caribbean at Keppel Bay, and Bedok Mall.

Corals at Keppel Bay by DCA Architects

  • The famous architectural project: Corals at Keppel Bay is a luxury condominium development project in Singapore implemented by DCA Architects – one of the top Singapore architecture firms. This architecture has 366 residential units spreading over 11 blocks. The main materials are naturalistic glazed, glass panels, and white metal tile, which creates high sustainability.
  • It is also one of a number of Singapore architecture firms working with a 3D rendering studio to reach out to customers. This has contributed to their increase in revenue

Ming Architects – top 4 Singapore architecture firm

Ming Architects was founded by Tan Cher Ming in 2008.

  • Mains projects and awards: Their projects have been published in many well-known newspapers such as Cubes magazine, international architecture magazine Archdaily, D + A magazine, and an architecture magazine. These are the reliable awards that Singapore architecture firms desire.

Cube House by Ming Architects

  • The famous architectural project: Over the years, the Singapore architecture firms have known Ming for creating contemporary homes that suit modern living. Designed by Ming Architects, Cube House is inspired by overlapping boxes. The color palette is mainly natural wood and white.

Formwerkz Architects – top 5 Singapore architecture firms

Formwerkz Architects was founded in 2004, by four architects that are Alan Tay, Gwen Tan, Seetoh Kum Loon, and Berlin Lee.

  • Main projects and styles: As one of the top Singapore architecture firms, Formwerkz Architects is trusted by many corporations to design their projects such as Fullerton Healthcare Group, Singtel, National Art Gallery Singapore, and Boon Siew Group. Their designs often focus on the link between man and nature from the beginning.

Kunming Sales Gallery by Formwerkz Architects

  • The famous architectural project: Kunming Sales Gallery is a design project of Formwerkz Architects – one of the top Singapore architecture firms. This gallery features Singaporean design style. Using typology’s essential components, Kunming Sales Gallery is designed with an undulating shape that describes the hilly landscape around it.

Hopefully this article will help you better understand the architectural firms in Sinpapore

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