Basic information about Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Vietnam is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world, with a long history of coffee cultivation and manufacturing.Vietnam coffee manufacturers with their knowledge and expertise are the ones that produce and export distinctive Vietnamese coffee to markets throughout the world.Coffee-in-bulk.jpg

Definition of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Coffee makers in Vietnam are people that carry out the stages that follow the harvesting of coffee. Aside from processing, Vietnam coffee manufacturers also handle the roasting and packaging phases of the product. 

Types of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Vietnam coffee manufacturers can be divided into 2 main types such as:

Green coffee beans manufacturers

Despite the fact that Vietnamese coffee beans have been found in numerous nations for many years, the majority of them are unprocessed and of little commercial worth. Vietnam now has about 600,000 hectares of coffee planted, with an annual production of roughly 1.5 million tons. Robusta coffee accounts for 93 percent of the production of Vietnamese coffee producers, whereas Arabica accounts for only a minor amount. Manufacturers of green coffee beans can select the most appropriate coffee procedures according to their facilities, locations, and customer needs.

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Processed Vietnam coffee manufacturers

With the input coffee bean component imported from other manufacturers, these Vietnam coffee manufacturers can complete the full process to the final packed goods or only the bean roasting step. Vietnam coffee manufacturers may create a range of coffee beans, from light to dark, to meet the needs of their consumers. Foreign corporations frequently invest in processed coffee bean producers because they demand a high level of current technology. In Vietnam, there are just a few significant and well-established manufacturers of this type of product.

Main areas of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Vietnam coffee manufacturers mostly originated from the following regions:

Northwestern region

This region is well-known for growing Arabica coffee, and it was one of Vietnam’s first to do so. Son La and Dien Bien, the country’s two major Arabica coffee growers, are the country’s two primary suppliers of Arabica specialty coffee.

The Central Highlands 

The Central Highlands are the country’s principal source of Robusta coffee. Dak Lak produces 500,000 tons of Robusta coffee per year, making it one of the Central Highlands’ leading producers. DakLak’s unique Robusta coffee has been exported to over 80 countries throughout the world.

Quang Tri 

Quang Tri has garnered little attention in the past, despite having a long history of coffee production. In recent years, the Vietnamese government has been more supportive of the development of these regions to enhance coffee quality.

Products of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

There are 2 main products of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Robusta coffee 

Robusta green coffee beans account for about 93% of the total output of Vietnam coffee manufacturers. Therefore, Vietnam is the leading Robusta coffee manufacturer in the world. The Robusta from Vietnam coffee manufacturers is an excellent alternative for markets or wholesale purchasers looking for high-quality coffee at low pricing. Depending on the quality, the average wholesale coffee bean prices of this variety of coffee can range from 1600 to 4500 USD/MT.

Arabica coffee

Despite accounting for only 7% of Vietnam’s coffee output and having more difficult growing conditions, Arabica is more expensive than Robusta. With 93.3 thousand tons, the price of Arabica coffee from Vietnam coffee makers is expected to be approximately $3727.5 per MT in 2020. Vietnam is highly famous for Specialty Arabica in Lam Dong and Son La, with its unique flavor.

Where to find Vietnam coffee manufacturers

There are many ways to find Vietnam coffee manufacturers and there are two main and easiest ways to find them:

Internet search

Google is the biggest search engine that can provide consumers with many results. Use the traffic analytic tools to search for “Vietnam coffee manufacturers,” and the majority of the reputable Vietnam coffee manufacturers will appear on the first result page. Aside from that keyword, buyers may look for comparable terms like “top Vietnam coffee suppliers,” “coffee bean producers in Vietnam,” “Vietnam coffee factory,” and so on to find additional results.

Agricultural fairs

Buyers may use it to identify potential partners and instantly exchange contact information. However, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, this type of activity cannot be able to take place. 

Top leading Vietnam coffee manufacturer

K-Agriculture Factory

Established in 1996, K-Agriculture Factory has become one of the leading Vietnam coffee beans exporters. With an aim to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, especially coffee, K-Agriculture is trying to complete this goal as the biggest Vietnam coffee manufacturer.


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