If you’re looking for Indian hair extensions, you should first read this article

Are you looking for long-term wholesale suppliers of Indian hair extensions? Before determining whether or not to choose wholesale hair suppliers in India, you should read this article to get the most complete and informed viewpoint about the truth of wholesale hair vendors. 

Overview of Indian hair extensions

Even while the Indian hair extension trade had been around for a while, it didn’t really take off until Chinese factories began purchasing Indian hair and promoting it on the market. There are increasing numbers of wholesalers of Indian hair because:

  • Due to its enormous population—more than 1 billion people—India has a very significant supply of wholesale hair suppliers. 
  • Because of higher living standards, women’s demands for cosmetic products are changing more frequently, which is driving up demand for Indian hair extensions.
  • Due to the lack of particular rules in India regarding the hair trade, wholesale Indian hair extensions dealers can drive down prices to purchase hair from women for a low cost and then resell it five to ten times. Wholesale hair sellers in India cannot ignore this because it is a significant profit.

Overview of Indian hair extensions

However, due to the subpar quality of the hair, the volume of hair given by the wholesale Indian hair extensions suppliers has been significantly reduced. Wholesalers of Indian hair now have to contend with fierce competition from producers of high-quality hair in Vietnam, China, and Cambodia.

Where do wholesale suppliers of IIndian hair extensions receive their hair from?

India, which specializes in providing raw materials for hair extension goods, is one of the main markets for hair exports worldwide. Temple hair and non-Remy hair are the two main sources that wholesale Indian hair extensions dealers use to supply the market with a massive output despite the country’s population of more than 1 billion people.

Temple hair is the source of hair from wholesale Indian hair extensions dealers.

As its name implies, this product is made from Indian temples, primarily Hindu temples, by wholesale hair vendors in India. Tens of millions of Hindu pilgrims donate their hair as part of a long-standing custom to honor the Gods. This practice is reportedly carried out annually in India by over 12 million people.

  • The hair is subsequently gathered and sold at auction to Indian hair wholesalers. The stock of Indian hair extensions suppliers offered a wide range of texture and length to match the age and sex diversity of the believers. The hair supply of wholesale hair merchants in India is frequently quite messy because there are so many hair donors but so few personnel who sort the hair.
  • The hair will then be detangled, washed, bleached, and dyed for a variety of hues, or it will be baked to create curls, by wholesale Indian hair extensions suppliers. 
  • The greatest hair type for wholesale Indian hair extensions merchants is Indian virgin hair, which has not previously undergone any chemical treatments. Despite being popular, only 10% to 20% of India’s hair exports are of this sort.

The term “temple hair” refers to a certain variety of hair that is offered by wholesale Indian hair extensions dealers. This hair is the product of underprivileged rural women who must sell their hair to make ends meet. Compared to its actual value, wholesale Indian hair extensions dealers frequently purchase this hair for a very low price.

Indian hair extensions wholesalers’ sources for hair: Authentic hair

Households in India are contacted for non-remy hair. This hair makes up 80% to 90% of exported hair. A person typically loses 50–100 hairs per day. Indian hair wholesalers will purchase this hair and chemically process it.

  • The hair is then detangled by employees hired by wholesale suppliers of Indian hair extensions. The cuticles line up in opposite directions when hair is collected using combs, which causes tangles.
  • In China, this cuticle is frequently totally destroyed by soaking hair in a chemical bath. Although it has a lovely appearance, the hair is fragile and often breaks.

Indian hair extensions wholesalers’ sources

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