Jasmine rice from Vietnam: The ideal choice for any importer

Because it satisfies the strict import criteria as well as the high-quality needs of importers, jasmine rice from Vietnam currently holds a considerable market share in importing countries.

An overview of jasmine rice from Vietnam

One of the most popular rice varieties now is jasmine rice. Many importers are choosing jasmine rice from Vietnam as a standard component because of its aromatic qualities.


  • Jasmine rice is stemmed from the Philippines’ Jasmine 85 rice variety (IR841 – 85), which has been widely farmed in the Mekong Delta since 1992. Jasmine rice from Vietnam is a fragrant, high-quality rice with large, long, and white grains.
  • Iraq (18.8%), the Philippines (18.4%), and the Ivory Coast (18.1%) are the top export markets for Jasmine rice from Vietnam. Vietnamese rice suppliers are proposing to sell jasmine rice from Vietnam at a very low export price of 573-577 USD/ton.
  • When the EVFTA was implemented on August 1, 2020, it gave highly positive rice export results with a quota of fragrant rice up to 80,000 tons per year, making the EU market a very promising market for jasmine rice from Vietnam. The members of the EAEU have agreed to spend 10,000 tons of rice under tariff quotas for Vietnam in 2021 as part of the FTA.

Main locations grow jasmine rice from Vietnam

Jasmine rice is predominantly farmed in Vietnam’s largest delta, the Mekong Delta, for high productivity.

  • The Mekong Delta accounts for more than 90% of rice exports. Farmers in the Mekong Delta actively modified the structure of varieties in this year’s summer-autumn crop, increasing the production of high-quality rice for export. As a result, farmers have increased their imports of jasmine rice from Vietnam to 29.3 percent, up 3.3 percent from the same period last year.
  • Furthermore, because the winter-spring crop has ideal weather for producing fragrant rice, aromatic and speciality rice types such as jasmine rice from Vietnam account for the bulk of the total seeded area, with a sowing rate of up to 75.8%.
  • The Mekong Delta Rice Institute is a unit that has made significant contributions to the government’s efforts to adapt the Mekong Delta to climate change through innovative rice varieties. As a result, jasmine rice from Vietnam, which belongs to the group of drought-tolerant rice varieties, is better suited to this region than rice varieties from the Red River delta or central Vietnam.

Reasons for choosing jasmine rice from Vietnam

Jasmine rice from Vietnam has various distinguishing characteristics over others, such as superior quality and a fair price.

  • Jasmine rice from Vietnam vs Jasmine rice from Thailand

Jasmine rice from Vietnam and Jasmine rice from Thailand are two major competitors in the market. The quality of jasmine rice is identical in both countries, with a light, fluffy, delicate texture that does not hold together like many other glutinous “sticky” kinds. However, the price of jasmine rice from Vietnam is 577 USD/ton, while Thailand’s is 609 USD/ton, causing some importers to hesitate.

  • Jasmine rice from Vietnam vs other Vietnamese fragrant rice

Famous brands of Vietnamese fragrant rice include ST rice and OM 5451 rice. ST rice has a distinct aroma, a sweet taste, and is extremely soft when eaten. However, it costs significantly more than original Vietnamese jasmine rice (770-1000 USD per ton).

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The Establishment And Development Of Viet Agri Wholesale

OM 5451 is medium and soft, with a light natural scent. This rice has fewer criteria than Vietnamese jasmine rice and lacks a distinctive aroma, making it difficult to reach choosy markets. Its price ranges from 408 to 412 USD a ton, and it is primarily imported by the Philippines, East Timor, and Africa.

  • Many importers in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and the Philippines prefer jasmine rice from Vietnam over Thai jasmine rice and Campuchia’s because it is less expensive.

In 2019, the price of jasmine rice from Vietnam was 597 USD/ton, whereas Thai and Cambodian jasmine rice were 950 USD/ton and 800 USD/ton, respectively. Furthermore, due to its exceptional quality, jasmine rice from Vietnam still meets strict export regulations in fussy markets like the EU.

Famous suppliers of jasmine rice from Vietnam

Rice export is one of Vietnam’s most important industries, so Vietnam has a large number of top quality wholesale jasmine rice exporters.

Foodcosa – Ho Chi Minh City Food Joint Stock Company

Foodcosa is working hard to become one of Vietnam’s major rice import and export companies. Currently, the company offers well-known and high-quality rice products from Vietnam, such as Jasmine rice, Huong Lua, and Dong Xanh, which have earned the trust of both domestic and international customers.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is a wonderful option for those who want to buy Jasmine rice from Vietnam in bulk. They sell high-quality Jasmine rice imported from Vietnam. In 2020, K-Agriculture Factory will undertake a nationwide project with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to deliver the greatest Vietnamese agricultural products to the global market.


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