KHair Factory: How to be successful in the hair business?

As the living standard of people has improved significantly, the beauty products have a huge consumption, especially the hair extensions. It is considered that investing in the hair business, being a hair vendor is beneficial. However, like any other jobs, the first steps of running this business is challenging. If you are interested in this field, you would know that Asia, particularly Vietnam, is one of the most potential markets for hair extensions. KHair Factory is one of the dominant names in this country that has achieved a certain reputation worldwide in distributing hair extensions. Are there any special secrets behind this success? Of course yes, and they will be disclosed in this writing.


KHair Factory is situated in Vietnam’s northwest area and has been in business since 1992. Mr. Daniel, the company’s current chairman, is the son of KHair Factory’s previous founder. During the first stage, the CEO encountered various challenges, like obtaining a hair supplier, developing contacts, and so on. The firm started as a small exporter of processed hair to other hair extensions merchants in China or Thailand on a modest scale. The company’s ability to gather hair was restricted at the time, and the internet and production facilities were also antiquated. Mr. Daniel graduated from college four years later and returned to Vietnam to take over his father’s business. Regardless of repeated obstacles, thanks to the great tenacity, Mr. Daniel ultimately uncovered the route for KHair Factory, a Vietnamese hair factory which is at the leading position now.


Mr. Daniel’s motivation in the establishment of KHair Factory may be seen in the various goals that KHair Factory aims to achieve. He wants to show that Vietnam is sufficient to supply elevated hair products and other excellent services to clients all over the world. As a result, the chairman has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to growing the company in all areas of investment. In addition, the company understands that women are entitled to be gorgeous, and it seeks to make that process simpler for them.

In other words, the CEO and his team’s aim is to improve the appearance of individuals all around the world. Finally, Mr. Daniel wants to create an ideal working environment for his workers, in addition to assisting women with their beauty regimens. There is no teenage labor, no working too hard, and everyone is friendly and accommodating. As KHair Factory grows, new job opportunities and working circumstances become accessible. In addition, KHair Factory continues to support the poor and disadvantaged in the community via humanitarian endeavors. To be honest, a company’s products and services are trustworthy and well-supported when it has such a caring attitude toward its customers, employees, and community. 


Another important factor that has helped KHair Factory become a leader in the hair industry is their excellent customer policy. KHair Factory’s privacy policy is completely dependable. KHair Factory gathers personal information from target persons and customers in legal methods. The contact information, as well as basic information such as location, gender, and phone number, are acquired via the registration forms on the websites. Other sources include the information on your accessing device and direct provision from the salesperson. Furthermore, on the company’s website, there are hotlines for a range of staff that could be reached at any time. The newcomer can inquire about the source of hair, hair kinds, costs, and even logistic assistance. Customers may examine the quality of the goods via video conversations with KHair Factory’s salesmen. If you’re new to the hair market, the staff can assist you in selecting hair types that are appropriate for your needs, as well as hair styles and hair colors… to complement your face shape and skin tone.


Behind the achievements of K Hair Factory, its working structure plays a vital role and should be commended. The firm was organized properly from the start, with four primary departures. The Supply Head, for example, is in charge of acquiring the hair source, processing, and shipping the hair products. The crew’s management and coordination are tight and thorough, resulting in high-quality manufacturing. Secondly, the Admin and Others department is the last but not least. This department is in charge of international transactions and policies.

In a brief, K Hair Factory’s unique and well-designed framework has propelled the hair industry to new heights. Thirdly, KHair Factory’s Marketing Head was responsible for the company’s widespread recognition. This section is responsible for not just establishing KHair Factory’s online reputation, but also providing the best customer service possible. The excellent function of Marketing Head undoubtedly aids the organization in gaining the trust of its partners and customers. Finally, there is a distinct department called R&D and Testing Head that deals with all issues that emerge and ensures that product quality is maintained. These employees are directly responsible for the proper operation of the firm. 


The success of KHair Factory is no doubt. The company presently distributes tons of hair extensions to Africa, the United States, and Europe, and it has a sizable client base. In 2002, the firm was named one of Vietnam’s top ten manufacturers of advanced hair-production technology. Thanks to Mr. Daniel’s exceptional vision, KHair Factory became the regular distributor of Nigeria’s shops a couple of years later. This global alliance ushered in a new era in the company’s history. K-Hair flourished swiftly and expanded to other continents, especially Africa. One of the most crucial things in making this brand famous throughout the world in the hair business is media marketing. Mr. Daniel took advantage of the Internet’s growth and put it to good use by creating a Youtube account for the company, for which he received the Silver Button. KHair Factory is currently the top trademark in the Vietnamese hair market, capable of competing with any other vendor in the same business field.


Here is the fundamental knowledge about the business of KHair Factory. This is considered to be useful for whoever wants to take up the hair business, finds a reliable hair vendor or gets impressed by KHair Factory’s products and wants to know more about it.

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