Light hair extensions: The most popular product in the European hair extension market

Light hair extensions is one of the most difficult and unusual goods to deliver today, and it is gradually becoming the most interesting item in the hair augmentation market.


Light hair extensions began in the 1970s

These Light hair extensions products have been available since around the time when new hair extensions became familiar with the global market, as the European market was one of the most important hair augmentation markets. Because the European hair augmentation industry is primarily made up of native people’s hair, it has a distinctive blonde coloring that is only available in western countries.

Many people were stunned by the one-of-a-kind and uncommon splendor of these Light hair extensions goods when they were made accessible. However, when the market for hair extensions expanded and this Light hair extensions item was made in many industry sectors and became more well-known, it was no longer uncommon to clients. Furthermore, because light hair isn’t the first hair tone in many countries, using this Light hair extensions item has exceptional results.

Light hair extensions’s benefits and drawbacks

Because of the outstanding features that have made this item so well-known, we’ll learn a little more about it below.

Benefits of Light hair extensions

The advantages of Light hair extensions items should pique your interest, as many people are unaware of how this product is made.

  • The fact that this light hair growth product is made from high-quality crude hair sources is probably its best feature. How can you be certain of something like this? Light hair tone is a rare hair tone that only a few countries have. Light hair is primarily sourced from western countries, but because these countries are often well-developed, they rarely need to supply hair to the hair extensions industry.
  • As a result, these Light hair extensions items are typically derived from dyeing and then shading coarse hair. To have the choice of getting such a noticeable hair tone, several steps of hair dying are required, and if the nature of coarse hair is excessively feeble, it cannot deliver a gorgeous superb hair tone, thus every Light hair extensions item is made with the highest quality raw hair segments.
  • Furthermore, when the customer uses this mild hair augmentation product, the client’s hair will look amazing. The image changed a lot just by changing the light hair shading. Apart from that, since it has arrived at the lightest hair tone, these Light hair extensions products can be easily fixed into a wide range of hair tones, and any coloring when colored on this item may achieve a standard shading finest for clients.

Drawbacks of Light hair extensions

The flaws in this item that need to be addressed are still present, so let’s look at the information below.

  • Because the hair has been handled in a normal manner, the structure of the hair will not be as flawless as it was at the start. This Light hair extensions item turns out to be a lot drier than unbleached hair things and has a somewhat shorter use time range than other goods.
  • Furthermore, because of the numerous difficulties and phases encountered throughout the manufacturing process, the cost of this Light hair extensions item is also higher than planned. Because the plant must expend a lot of energy to make and use a lot of synthetic ingredients to color and protect the hair, the cost is more than planned.
  • Finally, the downside of light hair extension is that it is more difficult to focus on than other hair augmentation items. Because being faded frequently alters the appearance of the hair, hair care must also be altered in order to retain this Light hair extensions item lovely and smooth. The oil items for this Light hair extensions item must also be unusually manufactured, therefore the cost is also relatively costly, so customers who want to try it out should do so carefully.

Light hair extensions at the 5S hair factory 

The 5S hair factory is known for dealing with hair expansions that are both high in quality and attractive. Every one of these Light hair extensions items on the market is handled by the 5S hair factory, which follows the strictest and most experienced stages. Furthermore, because the raw hair source is Vietnamese hair, it is easier for the 5S hair factory to succeed in producing these Light hair extensions goods in the most comprehensive method possible. Each client receives full assistance from the item to the details of how to use and maintain the item when purchasing at the 5S hair factory.

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