The best Vietnamese hair factory’s introduction

Queen Hair has been the best choice for those hair vendors who looking for highest quality Vietnamese hair in recent year. Let find out the foudation of this hair factory and the value they bring to their customers

The foundation of Queen Hair Factory

As a young girl university student from a family with many years experience in the hair industry, Ms Jessica was desired to make a difference. She had always imagined that after graduating from her institution, she would be able to give back to her country and make opportunities for people living in rural areas, not only for herself. She followed out traders in Vietnam’s rough north-east, where she uncovered a little-known trade: the Vietnamese hair trade. The potential she saw in the flowing, strong hair of Vietnamese healthy females astounded her. After years of saving her money, researching hair producing technology, and supplying, Ms Jessica opened a tiny hair factory to manufacture Vietnamese hair in 2000.


The foundation of Queen Hair Factory

After several tries, Ms Jessica was able to get numerous orders locally and even globally. Ms Jessica transformed the manufacturing into its own supplier in 2002, with a long-term objective in mind. Even in such a competitive sector, Queen Hair Factory still has its core values. Queen Hair vows to continually provide customers with the best Vietnamese hair products that are ethically created, regardless of how other manufacturers get away with malpractice.

Each woman is lovely and regal in their own way, according to Queen Hair. We’ve come to give you a hair makeover so you can feel more confident, since every woman deserves to feel like a queen. Every client is treated like a Queen at our factory, and we treat them as such by offering the best Vietnamese hair and customer care available. Queen Hair, which is fully made out of real hair, may make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself right now.

Vision and Mission of Queen Hair Factory

Queen Hair has always concentrated on the consumer and made it the company’s objective to grow, with the tagline “Discover your inner queen”.

The Vision of Queen Hair

  • After twenty years of manufacturing and developing Vietnamese hair for various nations across the globe, Queen Hair has established itself as one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers.


    The Vision of Queen Hair

  • In addition, we are always searching for innovative ways to increase the quality and attractiveness of our products.

The mission of Queen Hair

  • The mission is to inspire all people to accept their own worth and attractiveness. Our objective as a Vietnamese hair supplier is to assist our customers find their inner Queens by boosting their natural beauty with a range of innovative hairstyles.
  • We believe that the natural and fascinating way for women to show themselves is via their hair.
  • When women feel at ease and pleased in their own flesh, they will radiate like Queens.


    The mission of Queen Hair

  • Customers get high-quality, low-cost products. We consistently put “quality before quantity” when it comes to product creation. Every Vietnamese hair product item we provide is painstakingly created, and we work hard every day to improve the quality of our hair.

Queen Hair’s service

Queen Hair is confident in providing the finest and most professional customer service to our clients all over the globe, thanks to a skilled sales staff with at least three years of experience.

Queen Hair’s staff of hair professionals will advise customers on how to grow their company. Start-up packages, ongoing business packages, small company packages, and big enterprise packages are among the alternatives we provide to meet your company’s needs. You may also just send me your budget, and we’ll provide suggestions for the best solutions for your company.


Queen Hair’s service

With the purpose of introducing Vietnamese hair to customers on a worldwide scale, Queen Hair from Vietnam has the wide board of targeted audiences situated all over the world. They also have a team of hair professionals on hand to help consumers with any concerns they may have with our business. We work hard to provide the best hair extensions and customer care in the business, making sure that our clients are completely satisfied with their purchases.

Price of Queen Hair 

Being one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair factory in hair market, Queen Hair also provides a price assistance program for hair wholesalers to help them obtain the best bargain on our goods; the discount ranges around $200 for wholesale orders. Queen Hair is reasonably affordable for the high-quality it gives when compared to other vendors. Queen Hair will always deliver hair that is free of knots, and shed.


Price of Queen Hair

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