Virgin blonde hair extension: Hair extension products have been trending in recent years

Have you ever heard of virgin hair extensions but didn’t know about virgin blonde hair extensions? Please refer to the article below to know why it has become so popular.


Virgin blonde hair extension

The demand for Virgin blonde hair extension

For a new hair extension product like this, customers’ curiosity is extremely high, so it’s not difficult to see how much customers expect this product.

The demand for Virgin blonde hair extension of European market

With virgin blonde hair extensions, the European market will surely become an extremely potential market:

  • The European market is famous for its outstanding blonde hair with white skin, so it is not difficult to realize that virgin blonde hair extensions will be very popular in the European market. Along with the usual feature of European human hair being quite thin, customers in this market wanted to have really bouncy hair with beautiful water waves and they chose it.
  • With virgin hair quality, there are not many cons with this product. Virgin hair has strength, shine and especially the synchronization with the originality of real hair. Those are the things that make its brand on the domestic and foreign hair extensions market today.
  • And in a desirable market like Europe, virgin blonde hair extensions have a higher value, so the suppliers of hair extensions know where to sell them. it both brings high profits and brings love to customers thereby creating more business, then this is definitely what every hair extension market is aiming for.

The demand for virgin blonde hair extension of Asian market

For the Asian hair extensions market, virgin blonde hair extensions are not really popular but it is gradually being accepted by the curiosity of customers today.


The demand of virgin blonde hair extension

  • In Asia, people here often have popular black or brown hair, blonde hair almost does not appear for quite a long time. But when integration is taking place strongly, Asia has also absorbed and gradually got used to blonde hair. However, to have blonde hair, it is necessary to have healthy hair so that it can be bleached to the lightest color, but not everyone can do it or some customers do not want their hair to suffer, so they decided to choose virgin blonde hair extensions instead.
  • With the novelties that satisfy the curiosity of customers in Asia, the demand for virgin blonde hair extensions is also increasing gradually. For young people, they want to have a break, especially with the hair, so it is used as a highlight in the hair and gradually becomes a trend for young people today. or for customers with thin hair that want to be made thick and prominent, they will definitely come to virgin blonde hair extensions.
  • With curiosity as well as love, virgin blonde hair extension is gradually becoming one of the factors that contribute to the outstanding beauty of Asian black hair. Therefore, hair extension suppliers are also very aware of seizing the opportunity when creating such products to both satisfy the needs of customers and earn significant profits.

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Pros and cons of Virgin blonde hair extension

With a product that makes such a breakthrough in the hair extension market, what characteristics does it have to attract customers?


Pros and cons of virgin blonde hair extension

  • Virgin blonde hair extension’s benefits can be said to be innumerable. The first is that it brings 2 parallel benefits, both getting the best material, which is virgin hair, and getting the color that can’t always be bleached successfully. As for virgin hair, you can freely do what you want with hair extensions to get the most satisfactory beauty.
  • And with blonde hair color you can keep it as it is to have a really western hair color or you can dye it to stand out even more in the crowd. And with the strong virgin hair, you can rest assured that virgin blonde hair extension will give you the best experience when using it, not dry like normal bleached hair.
  • As for the downside, I’m pretty sure it’s the price tag of this product. Because it is both high quality and blonde, it is very carefully crafted and takes a long time. So the virgin blonde hair extension’s price goes up from there. Besides, virgin blonde hair extension also needs a lot of care, otherwise its use time will be shortened because it has been bleached many times. And like all of you who are interested in blonde hair, caring for a bleached hair product is not easy.

5S hair factory has affordable and high quality virgin blonde hair extension products

Virgin hair is one of the raw materials that 5S hair factory is confident that there is always enough because Vietnam has many sources with quality virgin hair. Therefore, bleaching becomes easier and still retains the quality of virgin hair. Availability of local supply is also a plus point for 5S hair factory to be able to produce high quality virgin blonde hair extension products at very affordable prices.

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