Vietnamese cinnamon and something you should know about this type

Vietnam is known as an export area for items such as rice or coffee that have high use value because of their outstanding quality. Vietnamese cinnamon is also currently in the top and is a best-selling product. Follow the interesting content below to understand more.

The general information about Vietnamese cinnamon

To begin with, some important points on Vietnamese cinnamon are provided.

The definition of Vietnamese cinnamon

Vietnamese cinnamon is a cinnamon kind that is cultivated in Vietnam. To produce the best items, they are maintained and picked according to the season. Vietnamese cinnamon is primarily cassia cinnamon, which is classified into six distinct product classifications

  • Cigarette cinnamon
  • Stick cinnamon
  • Broken cinnamon
  • Split cinnamon
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Cinnamon powder

All of the Vietnamese cinnamon product lines described above have their own distinct qualities, which are detailed below:


Some types of Vietnamese cinnamon

The wholesale price of Vietnamese cinnamon for customer

Because wholesalers in Vietnam currently acquire Vietnamese cinnamon from specialized growing areas, it is urged to buy in quantity. This is a significant advantage for the product’s sellers. Because it will be less expensive than in other countries.

  • Despite being impacted by Covid 19, the biggest distributors of Vietnamese cinnamon have kept their pricing around $2400-$5600 per ton on the market so far.

The wholesale price of Vietnamese cinnamon

  • Marketplace supply and demand, shipping expenses, and concerns such as government favors for vendors all have a role in determining this pricing. When purchasing Vietnamese cinnamon wholesale in Vietnam, nevertheless, you can rest confident. Keep reading for the following part, which will reveal who they are and how to locate them.

Vietnamese cinnamon has numerous advantages

Due to the general features of cultivating Vietnamese cinnamon, such as rich soil, weather, and a gentle atmosphere, each commodity after being harvested and processed to provide to customers has a lot of value.

  • In the culinary field, Vietnamese cinnamon has long been used as a distinct spice or food component,… Substances used in the manufacturing of soap, perfume, cosmetics, and other commodities including Vietnamese cinnamon are common.

The advantages of Vietnamese cinnamon

  • Vietnamese cinnamon can support a variety of health problems, including diabetes, poor blood circulation, heart and lung damage, small pulse, digestive and respiratory ailments, and more.
  • Apart from that, Vietnamese cinnamon helps with active blood completion activities, blood vessel information, and body warmth.

Vietnamese cinnamon’s highly reliable sellers

Since Vietnamese cinnamon has such a high market sensitivity, counterfeit products are becoming more common. As a result, the top three most reliable providers in Vietnam for this item are shown below.

K-Agriculture – a leading supplier of Vietnamese cinnamon

The country’s value proposition is based on its ability to provide high-quality Vietnamese cinnamon at an affordable price. Clients will be happy with the agricultural items as well as the effective and successful style of K-Agriculture – an exceptional cinnamon factory. Furthermore, the company ensures that every foreign shipment will be successful because it has been sending cinnamon worldwide for about 20 years.



Phone: +84 855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)
Website: vietnamesecinnamon84.com
Email: sarahnguyen.kagri@gmail.com

Vinasamex – a reputable Vietnamese cinnamon manufacturer

Vinasamex is the nation’s top local and international manufacturer and exporter of Vietnamese cinnamon. Customers can select from a wide range of cinnamon items, many of which are organic. Vinasamex is the place to go if you’re searching for the best natural cinnamon.



Que Viet Corporation – a company based in Vietnam

This is a brand-new Vietnamese cinnamon vendor. Que Viet has its own development and manufacturing infrastructure, which allows it to immediately enter the market. Customers have put their trust in Que Viet because they say with certainty 100 percent quality in their Vietnamese cinnamon product lines.


Que Viet Company

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