Vietnamese coffee drinks – TOP 5 BEST Vietnamese coffee drinks you should try

Vietnamese coffee drinks are popular and delicious beverages enjoyed by many around the world. It is known for its rich, bold flavour and is often served with sweetened condensed milk. This article will review the 5 best Vietnamese coffee drinks that international guests should try every time they come to Vietnam.

Vietnamese coffee drinks by history

Vietnamese coffee culture has been around for more than 200 years and is popular with international friends. Vietnamese coffee was brought by France in the 1850s. The plant is grown mainly in the north and some central provinces. At the beginning of the 20th century, coffee became more and more commercial, at that time black coffee symbolized nobility and luxury. In the second half of the 20th century, drinking coffee also assessed a person’s style and class. In Vietnam today, many famous types of coffee are imported such as latte, Espresso… a cup of coffee is now more artistic than before.


Vietnamese coffee drinks by history

Vietnamese coffee drinks and Vietnamese life

For western culture, drinking coffee is for alertness to work. The Vietnamese people drink coffee to show the meeting, gathering of friends, and work. There are also some cafes such as book coffee or cat coffee so that coffee drinkers can experience more. Every place has a different coffee culture.

Coffee for Hanoians must be cups of coffee brewed in a tightly screwed filter. In Saigon, the way to make coffee is a little bit different.


Vietnamese coffee drinks and Vietnamese life

TOP 5 BEST Vietnamese coffee drinks

  • First is not prompt to that main is Vietnamese iced milk coffee. Sweet but still rich with standard coffee and milk ratio. Iced coffee drinkers can choose Arabica or Robusta coffee or blend to create their position. Iced milk coffee is not known to international friends when coming to Vietnam to drink, but also embassies when coming to Vietnam want to try this coffee.
  • Next, are the coffees dating back to the 1950s, which are egg coffee and egg coffee that have made the specialty of Vietnamese coffee and coffee. With a layer of fresh cream on top that you should experiment.
  • In the next coffee, we have ” Bac Xiu”, this type is Saigon heritage. This type of coffee is for those who like the taste of coffee but don’t like to drink it hot.

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  • If egg coffee is a typical winter coffee, in the summer you can experience Vietnamese coffee drinks through a coffee drink called coconut coffee. The ingenious combination of milk coffee with coconut milk and a little ice creates coolness. Believe me, it is a great Vietnamese coffee drink on a summer day.
  • Vietnamese yogurt coffee is a familiar drink in the cafe. It is favored by many people because of its refreshment, good for the skin and digestive system. The combination of brown coffee with yogurt has created a great drink for summer days.

How to enjoy Vietnamese coffee drinks

Vietnamese coffee has been present in many countries because of the quality of coffee beans as well as the flavor that coffee beans bring. You can quickly find Vietnamese coffee drinks through supermarkets or e-commerce platforms if you want to buy in bulk. If you are an international visitor and come to Vietnam and want to experience these Vietnamese coffee drinks, you can go to big coffee shops like Ca Giang in Hanoi or Cong coffee… or right here. roadside shops because sometimes the familiar coffee flavors come from the bold flavors of the street.


How to enjoy Vietnamese coffee drinks

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