Weft hair extensions have a huge economic value, which is why they are swiftly gaining favor with both consumers and hair wholesalers

Weft human hair extension have a huge economic value, which is why they are swiftly gaining favor with both consumers and hair wholesalers. Find out more about weft human hair extension and the wholesale hair extensions that are offered.

Important details regarding weft human hair extension

There are many fascinating facts about weft hair extensions that you should be aware of.

What does weft hair extension mean?

Weft human hair extension are collections of several hair strands that are stitched together to create a 1m-long strip at one end. These hair extensions are imported by salons, who then sew them onto clients’ hair.

The weight of the bundles of wholesale hair weft human hair extension was determined by the needs of the customer. A wholesale bundle of hair weighs roughly 100 grams.

Different types of weft human hair extension

Weft human hair extension are available in a wide range of hues, lengths, and fashions. You pick the one that works best for you based on the goals of your business and your target market segment.

  • Virgin wefts are the best type of extensions because just one person’s hair was used for them, and no chemicals were used to condition it. This specific style of weft human hair extension is suitable for the European market because it has been bleached.
  • For Remy weft hair extensions, choose two to three people with hair textures that are similar. This type of weft hair extension is popular with customers from Africa because it is less priced yet still of good quality.

Styles of weft human hair extension

Based on its styling, weft human hair extension can be divided into the following groups:

Straight hair is the most basic variety of weft hair extensions. This sort is commonly sold in quantity to large salons.

There are different kinds of weave hair wholesale extensions accessible, including wavy and bouncy, depending on the consumer’s tastes. This particular weft human hair extension design is suitable for all markets. Deep waves and pixie cuts are frequently chosen by customers from Africa and the US, although natural waves are preferred by Europeans.

In contrast to European consumers, who choose more subdued tones, particularly blonde, African consumers love golden, red, or dramatic colors like ombre.

To construct a patch of hair, workers meticulously thread each hair strand into each opening on the closure and frontal mesh.

The leading distributor of weft human hair extension is 5S Hair.

5S Hair – Vietnamese hair factory is a pioneer in providing wholesale hair extensions, notably weft hair extensions.

  • The 30-year-old company 5S Hair has its own facility where everything is handled, from raw materials to completed goods.

                           The leading distributor of weft human hair extension is 5S Hair

  • The top markets for 5S Hair include the US, Russia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Ghana. Half of the more than 2 tons of weft hair extensions that 5S exports each month go to the Nigerian market.
  • Products: There are tape-in, clip-in, bone straight, blonde, and 100% virgin and remy hair variants of weft hair extensions.

Weft human hair extension from 5S Hair are among the most reasonably priced products on the global market, and they are the most reasonable in Vietnam.

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