Why the quality of pepper export in Vietnam is guaranteed?

Vietnam’s position as the world’s leading pepper exporter has been linked to competitive advantages such as crop area, geographical location, price, and quality. However, it is worth noting that the pepper industry in Vietnam has faced some challenges in recent years, including issues related to quality control and price fluctuations. Details information about pepper export in Vietnam will be mentioned below.

Vietnam – The leading pepper export country

Vietnam has been a leading country in pepper export activities due to its competitive advantages of the country. Viet Nam’s pepper export volume is expected to reach 260,000 tonnes in 2021, generating US$950 million in revenue. According to the Vietnam Pepper Association, exports declined by 9% in volume but increased by 44% in value year over year (VPA).


The average pepper export price in Vietnam in 2021 was $4000/tonne. The decline in pepper-growing regions is the primary cause of the dramatic price increase. Farmers reduced their pepper planting area in recent years owing to falling pepper prices and switched to other crops.

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Viet Nam’s pepper has maintained its dominance in the world pepper market, covering 60% of demand and outnumbering shipments from other pepper-producing nations such as Brazil and Indonesia.

The quality of peppercorns has improved even further, and processed pepper goods for export have steadily expanded rather than focused on raw pepper as was the case previously.

Elements affirm Vietnam pepper export quality

Cultivation techniques

Vietnamese pepper export is guaranteed by technological cultivation and particular care. The product is ensured thanks to the management and supervision of the specialist team.  To meet the standard of the market, farmers are taught about high-quality input materials as well as a guild to plant pepper trees in a proper path for the garden. 

Soil conditions

The pepper plant is tropical in nature, it’s suitable for growing in Vietnam. Berries can handle temperatures as low as -10 degrees and as high as 40 degrees. In addition, the pepper plant thrives in the bright sun. The Southeast and Central Highlands areas have similar conditions and climatic qualities as  Vietnam. Vietnam has a distinct dry season, which is great for identifying pepper buds.

Government policies

Pepper export operations in Vietnam have been boosted thanks to the government’s backing for the EVFTA agreement, which eliminates tariffs in goods trade by 99 percent. In comparison to the quality, the pepper export price is likewise constant and fair for buyers all over the world.

Top 3 leading pepper export companies in Vietnam

Sybil Agril

As a Singapore-based agricultural company, Sybil Argil operates in 2 countries: Vietnam and Singapore. Sybil Agri also operates a large-scale cooperative partnership program between the firm and farmers, with the goal of becoming one of the top corporations in agricultural product export.


The K-Agriculture factory is famous for its product quality and long-term cooperation with E.U countries. The company has been exported to over 80 countries each year and other features, such as low costs, knowledgeable customer service, and a variety of payment options, contribute to the K-Agriculture Factory brand.


Baria Pepper

Baria pepper was established in 1985 with the purpose of exploiting its comprehensive knowledge of both the product and the local market to reach out to more customers both locally and internationally. Baria pepper has been exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and other Asian countries. Due to its tight relationships with local farmers, the Baria pepper has a great advantage in regulating the quality and pricing of the pepper.

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