Why you should choose K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

Recently outsourcing 3D rendering is becoming popular because of the advantages that 3D rendering studios bring to design companies and real estate developers. To help you choose the most suitable 3D rendering studio, let’s discover this article.

Some special things about founder of K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

Our Founder – CEO Ryan Josherpher is a talented architect. He was able to learn and understand the architecture of countries around the world while studying in San Antonio – Texas USA.
As an experienced architect in the US and Vietnam, Ryan realizes the disadvantages of architects in Vietnam in particular and the world in particular. It is not knowing much or not paying attention to the importance of outsourcing 3D rendering, or having not found a really suitable 3D rendering studio partner.
With the mission of bringing architectural firms, real estate investment companies a partner who really understands and meets all their demands, Mr. Ryan founded K-Render Studio – One of the best 3D rendering studios.

Why should you choose our 3D rendering studio

There are some seasons that you should choose K-Render Studio – one of the best 3d architectural studios

  • Accurate: As our rendering artists are all architects, K-Render Studio can understand and do exactly what you need even what is difficult to express in words.

K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

  • Fast: Our time to finish a medium project is around 2-3 week while others take about 4-5 weeks. Time-saving when outsourcing 3D rendering will help you approach more opportunities to new customers.
  • Best price: Thanks to the advantages of labor and softwares, our 3D rendering studio can offer the best price among all others.
  • Support 24/7: Each project of our 3D rendering studio will be assigned to one senior to control the whole process and keep connected to you 24/7.

Our 3D rendering studio are giving the special offer for new partners

At this time, K-Render Studio is providing the most appropriate solution for outsourcing 3D rendering demand of architectural companies or real estate investment firms.
With new partners, the price for rendering services our 3D rendering studio offer is only from 9,9$ per sqm + free consultant + unlimited views. If you prefer other calculations, please feel free to contact us

Hotline/ Whatsapp: (+84)855555961 – Ms Kaylin – Client Manager – On behalf of K-Render’s CEO.

The best projects of 3D rendering studio

These are top the most appreciated projects of K-Render Studio – The Best 3D Rendering Studio. Let’s find out!

The first project is a showroom project displaying furniture of the famous Kenli brand

The light of Kenli Showrom focuses on furniture products to highlight them

is also a furniture showroom project, but the Arredamento Showroom project gives customers a different feeling Showroom Kenli

A 3D rendering in Arremento Showroom

To see more projects of K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio, please access our website and discover our services.

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